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and Complementary Medicine

Read real patient testimonials about the efficacy of the therapeutic methods used by orthopedist Vasileios Theocharis  at his pain clinic in Piraeus.

I am X.J. from Australia, and I came to Greece for another-last attempt at IVF. I was desperate. Five failed attempts. In Australia I had been advised to receive acupuncture, before and after the embryo transfer. They recommended Dr. Theocharis for acupuncture. I attended his program with success. I thank him, and I believe that with his help I overcame the problems of past IVF failures. I am pregnant; the help of Dr.Theoharis was invaluable to me. God bless him

X.J. 40 years old        


 “I suffer from lower limb ischemia  with severe artery stenoses. I have had surgery on one leg with bypass grafting. I could not walk, not even for twenty metres, I was in pain and had to stop. I knew Mr. Theocharis and he recommended chelation therapy for my blood vessels. I followed this treatment, and today I can walk a mile without pain. My tests showed considerable improvement. I feel my body is stronger all over. I thank my doctor for the help he has given me”. 

K.I. 83 years old


” For more than 6 months I had horrible pain in my back/spine. After hospitalization, 2 huge leg ulcers appeared. I received special intravenous IV treatment and ozone therapy with specific vitamins, trace elements and minerals, and the symptoms disappeared. I can sleep without pain and walk freely”.
H.H. 81 years old


” I had vascular disorders and dermatitis, as I was working at a gas station. With chelation therapy I was able to improve my health. The wounds and ulcers in my body disappeared and my nervous system recovered.
P.S. 50 years old


”I had terrible arthritis and couldn’t walk. I had to have surgery. Because of my health status, I was unable to have surgery, so I underwent chelation therapy and my health improved. The pain in my joints stopped, and I also stopped taking anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone”.

G.M. 67 years old


” I had terrible knee and shoulder pain, as well as increased blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Through chelation treatment, my organism was regulated and I do not need to take drugs that do not really help me.
B.P. 57 years old


” I had hypoglycemia attacks and blood sugar levels that I couldn’t control. The chelation helped me do that.
M.B. 68 years old


” I have kidney failure and precordial pain, as well as angina and total vascular stenosis. My health improved significantly. Now I can walk without pain and I resumed being active, which I had stopped.  Chelation therapy, in combination with the intravenous IV therapy and a proper diet, helped me considerably.
S.K. 68 years old


” I had hypertension and it made me have horrible pain and not be able to walk for more than 100 meters. By chelation treatment, my life has gone back to normal. ”
B.T. 70 years old


” In January 2015, while searching the internet for a solution to my problem, I came across Dr.Vasileios Theocharis’s website. I remember it was on the day of the Epiphany and I called out of curiosity, expecting to get the answering machine with the clinic’s opening hours. To my surprise, Dr. Theoharis was on the other end of the line, and when I asked for his appointment availability, he said he could see me the same afternoon!
So, the journey towards my healing and a life of quality began; I had forgotten what that felt like.
A few years back I discovered I suffer with Crohn’s disease,  a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the intestine causing inflammation, and has many side effects such as malabsorption of vitamins, minerals etc., terrible indigestion, uncontrollable diarrhea, something similar to gingivitis in the gums, exhaustion, tendonitis , kidney stones and low grade fever in times of crisis.
When I visited him and he read my file, I remember him saying to me: My brave man, you will find a solution to your problem now that you’ve come here, I will cure you, guaranteed! As long as you do what I tell you.
The first thing he asked me to do was electromagnetic field therapy, then a special diet to alkalize my body and, after much pressure from him, I went to remove my kidney stone. He basically saved my kidney, as well as my quality of life.
After 10 sessions, the low grade fever, the scary abdominal pain, the indigestion, the diarrhea are gone. The inflammations in the large intestine are almost gone too!
My dear Dr.Theoharis, I owe you a big thanks.
K.K. 60 years old


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